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Jeff Johnson

Aerospace industry needs young Middle Eastern talent

By Jeffrey Johnson Over the past decade, the Middle East has consistently been in the aviation industry’s spotlight as countries in the region invested heavily in passenger airplanes for their airlines, some of which are amongst the largest and fastest growing in the world, and state-of-the art equipment for their defence forces. In recent times, …

Daily News Egypt

President Mohamed Morsi (R) meets with retired former Defence Minister and Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi (C), and retired Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Sami Anan (L) at the presidential palace in Cairo on 14 August AFP PHOTO / HO / MENA

Egyptian business community ponder Morsy’s decisions

By Mostafa Salah, Enaam el-Adawy, Nihal Monir and Wafaa Abdelbary The business community is in a state of cautious anticipation following the decision taken by President Mohamed Morsy to retire Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) and Field Marshall Tantawi and Lieutenant General Anan. Ahmed Alwakel, President of Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC), said …

Daily News Egypt

International Monetary Fund headquarters in Washington DC (File photo) AFP PHOTO

Radwan to al-Arabiya: IMF expects Egypt to devalue its currency

By Islam Serour Former Finance Minister Dr Samir Radwan told al-Arabiya News that he expects the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to demand that Egypt devalue the Egyptian pound. However, Radwan stressed that there should be new steps to inject new investments into the Egyptian economy in order to overcome such critical phase. Angus Blair, founder …

Daily News Egypt

Vodafone Ventures’ Fund invest in two companies and targets expansion

By Mohamed Fawzy Hatem Dowidar, CEO of Vodafone Egypt, said that in two weeks Vodafone Ventures Fund (VVF) will announce its investment in two companies without exceeding 30% of its shares. He expects that during the first year, VVF will invest in 10-15 technology companies. VVF’s strategy enables it to acquire all of the company’s …

Daily News Egypt

OTH achieves 15 percent subscriber growth, one percent revenue growth

By Islam Serour Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH) consolidated financial and operating results for the first half of 2012 shows a 14.8 percent growth in its subscribers’ base, reaching 83,384 subscribers, up from 72,650 during the same period in 2011.The company’s consolidated revenues increased by 1.1 percent, reaching $1,833,708, compared to $ 1,814,414 during the first …

Daily News Egypt

CIB and EFG-Hermes take over one-third of Tuesday’s trading

By Islam Serour Commercial International Bank (CIB) and Hermes Financial group represented one-third of the total market turnover on Tuesday, after two weeks of stability. The CIB stock witnessed active turnover due to deals by foreign institutions, and closed out at EGP 28.5 after exceeding the EGP 28 barrier, scoring a 1.3 percent increase. In …

Daily News Egypt

New Defence Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sissi (left) has continued to make new appointments to some of the top ranks in Egypt’s military, pictured here with President Mohamed Morsi at the presidential palace in Cairo on 13 August AFP PHOTO/HO/EGYPTIAN PRESIDENCY

Morsy appoints new military commanders

Staff Major General Abdel-Moniem Bayoumi Al-Terras has been appointed Commander of the Air Defence Forces, Staff Air Vice-Marshal Younes El-Sayed Hamed was made Commander of the Air Force and Staff Rear Admiral Osama Ahmed Ahmed El-Gendy is now Commander of the Navy.

Ahmed Aboulenein

Flash mob in El-Azhar park to promote tourism

As the sun began to make its way down the horizon, and families gathered at the park for Iftar, the signal to start was given. For the next ten seconds everyone scrambled to find a pose, and continued to hold the pose for the next three minutes. A videographer roamed around the still participants.

Luiz Sanchez

Australian livestock shipment quarantined for hormonal infection

By Mohamed Abdul Monsef and Enaam Eladawy The General Organisation for Veterinarian Services (GOVS) decided to confine the Australian shipment of cattle for a month, expecting that the hormones found in the stock may dissolve within one month. Dr Yousef Shalaby, Director of Central Department of Veterinary Quarantine, said that treatment of the stock’s feed …

Daily News Egypt

Presidential spokesperson denies dropping farmers’ debts

By Islam Serour The President’s spokesman, Dr Yasser Ali denied rumours about dropping the debts of 62,000 farmers, indicating that the decision is still undergoing study and research. The rumour originated on the ‘Kolena Wael Ghonem’ (“We are all Wael Ghonem”) Facebook page which stated, “Morsy drops EGP 109 million of debts to the agricultural …

Daily News Egypt

Telecom Egypt Board reshuffle sparks reactions

By Islam Serour The new reshuffle within Telecom Egypt’s (TE) board of directors has been met by discord from the company’s workers, as calls for protests against the reshuffle after the Eid holidays have circulated on Facebook and twitter. The reshuffle was applauded by Hani Mahmoud, Minister of communication and information technology, in a press …

Daily News Egypt

Bites Fil Beit Ramadan: Calamari in the oven

Ramadan offers a whole new challenge to cooking Egyptian food. The breaking of the fast, Iftar, is the main menu of the day and consists of an array of dishes. Traditionally the meal starts with juice, to prepare the stomach for the feast that is to come, and a savoury soup. Appetisers are up next, followed by a main course and a sweet dessert completes the meal.
Iftars are meant to be shared and inviting your close friends and family for a home-cooked dinner-cum-breakfast can be daunting. But not to worry; during the month we will be giving you suggestions for full menus with a complete recipe for one of the dishes.
Happy Ramadan!

Iman Adel Abdel-Fattah

FJP inks international deals for erecting six new waste-recycling factories

By Mostafa Salah The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) concluded an agreement with a number of investors from Turkey and Sweden to establish garbage recycling factories in Alexandria. The project costs are an estimated $50 million. Member of FJP’s Supreme Council Saber Abou El-Fotouh said that prominent businessman Hassan Malek reached the agreement with the …

Daily News Egypt

Helm dreams of an inclusive society

As part of their mission statement, Helm wishes to facilitate the employability process and increase job opportunities by connecting people with special needs with employers, and helping to launch and support for-profit businesses with inclusive employment policies.

Luiz Sanchez

The Middle East: The Aerospace Industry’s Font of Youth?

Over the past decade, the Middle East has consistently been in the aviation industry’s spotlight as countries in the region invested heavily in passenger airplanes for their airlines, some of which are amongst the largest and fastest growing in the world, and state-of-the art equipment for their defense forces.  In recent times, however, the region …

Daily News Egypt