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Egypt Discusses a New Loan with the World Bank

By Mohamed Salah The Egyptian government has started negotiating loan with the World Bank to finance the privatisation and restructuring of the public sector. The former International Monetary Fund’s assistant managing director, Dr. Fakhry El-Fekky, said the government may have to continue the privatisation process started by the previous governments. He said there are indicators …

Daily News Egypt

Egyptian women struggle for equality and freedom

Nearly twenty months after last year’s mass uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s women are again taking to the streets, demanding “bread, freedom and social justice,” the same demands made by pro-democracy activists protesting in Tahrir Square during the 25 January revolution. A women’s rally outside the Shura (Consultative) Council headquarters on Qasr Al-Eini …

Shahira Amin

Aspiring chefs compete for your taste buds

The competitions emphasise fun and innovation but a more tangible reward is also at hand; each participant will receive a certificate of participation and, there will be gold, silver, or bronze medals issued to the team members.

Salma Hamed

Bite Me Cairo: Nature vs. Nurture

This common wisdom has been repeated so often in the press that it has become a mantra among those in the slow food movement and also among many rank-and-file foodies, who have in common that they swallow these myths without asking the necessary questions.

David Blanks

Displacing Copts from Rafah or from Egypt?

A terrorist group demanded that Christian families leave the North Sinai town of Rafah. The government quickly carried out these orders sending all Christian employees of Rafah to work in Al-Arish and relocating their children to Al-Arish schools. The incident could have ended there, but fate decreed that the story be leaked to political circles. …

Farid Zahran