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Lambs to the slaughter

Earlier this week I looked up from Twitter to watch the pick of the day being dragged to the waiting butcher who was still sharpening his knife. Messages about the march to Maspero filled my timeline as the rest of the sheep did not even twist a tail as their fellow flock-mate was dragged to its end.

Adel Heine

The ancient tradition of Cairo’s bath houses

By Abdel-Rahman Sherief Bath houses have been part of Cairo’s heritage since medieval times. The bath houses, or Hammam as they are called in Arabic, were first founded by the Fatimid caliph Al-‘Aziz Bellah. The bath houses of Cairo, built to be Egypt’s capital by his father, the Fatimid Caliph Al- Moez, used to be …

Daily News Egypt

Bite Me Cairo: Seoul Food

There are some great restaurants here but over time I discovered that what Maadi does better than anywhere else in Cairo is Asian food thanks to the large Asian community located here.

David Blanks

Suez national museum open to public on 24 October

Suez is a  marginalised city, even by Egyptian standards. While it is no secret that most of the nation’s funds go to our major two cities, Cairo and Alexandria, any resident of Suez will tell you that the city was, more than any other, neglected by Mubarak . In fact, it is widely known that Suez …

Daily News Egypt

Jazz Mate: enhancing the music scene in Egypt

Pictures of icons hanging on a brick wall, sentimental tunes playing in the background, and a TV playing jazz concerts or documentaries complete the setting of JazzMate. The venue will have performances every Friday, although Mustafa said that they are seeking to host live music on a more frequent basis.

Adham Roshdy

Al Hussein Mosque at Al Azhar Hassan Ibrahim

No Longer Forgotten

Amid a crackdown on houses of worship, incidents of persecution, accusations of contempt of religion and the rejection of their political party, Egyptian Shi’as are no longer a forgotten community in Egypt. After the 25 January Revolution, Egyptian Shi’as sought to have more freedom in the new era. Hence, they were brought under scrutiny. Daily News Egypt investigates the Egyptian Shi’as file; their quest for more freedom, their attempts to enter the political arena, their demands for the new constitution, and Al-Azhar’s response to their activities

Sarah El Masry

Review: Learning politics and dreading the future

Columnists tackled various issues indicative of the nascent and provisional state of Egyptian democracy, as well as the tentative and at times apprehensive attitude the country holds towards the future. They relay fears of both internal and external transformations, and discuss the Egyptian political arena and its struggles to learn the rights and wrongs of …

Daily News Egypt

Chinese steel sparks anxiety among domestic producers

A wave of alert follows the announcement that a Chinese steel freight will be sold for around EGP 700-800 less than Egyptian steel. The news caused local steel producers to panic, forcing Ezz steel to lower its prices by EGP 250 per tonne, reaching EGP 4,080 for factories and EGP 4,230 for the final consumer, …

Hend El-Behary

Morsy and IMF chief confirm independence of Egypt’s economic policy making

By Noah Chasek-Macfoy International Monetary Fund Director Christine Lagarde confirmed on Saturday that there are no preconditions placed on Egypt before the expected arrival of an IMF delegation at the beginning of next month to discuss Egypt’s request for $4.8 loan. Lagarde’s comments were made after attending a meeting with GCC countries in Riyad. Egypt …

Daily News Egypt

The charm of circus brought to Al-Azhar park

“The crowd here is very friendly and very nice. They are a great audience, they cheer you on and interact with you. We get a lot more encouragement from the people here than we do back home in Belgium,” said Wout, one of the performers.

Daily News Egypt

100 days of Morsy

One hundred days have passed since that afternoon when the official result of the presidential election was out. On that day, it took me 20 minutes to drive from New Cairo to Mohandseen, a trip that usually takes me 90 minutes. The streets of Cairo were as empty as a Friday early morning. After days …

Ziad A. Akl