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Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood occupy Tahrir Square last Friday, overshadowing the civil group protest and leading to clashes. Civil groups have called for fresh demonstrations this Friday. (Photo by Mohamed Omar)

Protests to be held Friday

“The marches are not a liberal socialist movement anymore; they become a national socialist movement,” says former deputy head of the Justice Party.

Luiz Sanchez

AfroLatin Festival comes to Cairo and Hurghada

Today’s Kizomba music has an easy beat, features the Portuguese language, and is slow and very modern-sounding. Its dance steps come directly from Semba, but the dancers are much closer and the dance can incorporate elements borrowed from Tango.

Daily News Egypt

The beautiful bags of Maklad Wali

“All of the linings we use are handmade to traditional Egyptian craftsmanship, which makes each bag unique,” Maklad said. “Some of these traditions are dying out, as the cotton-silk woven fabric, but we hope that by using it in our bags we can help keep this tradition alive.”

Adel Heine

The good Muslim

Religion has become the newest weapon of choice turning religious practice from a private habit into to a show of power.

Sara Abou Bakr