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On social ugliness and beauty

With notable exceptions, the majority of Egyptian movies seem to be made with consistent mediocrity, while pretending to be artistic because they seemingly reflect “Egyptian reality.”

Mahmoud Salem

Controversial Egyptian movie 678 wins several awards

The two international festivals are big in their own categories; the Cordoba festival is one of the biggest, independent African film festivals in Europe, while the Heartland Film Festival features international independent films and since its inception in 1992 has become one of the fastest growing festivals in the US.

Adel Heine

Selling on Cairo streets

With many people struggling to survive from one day to the next, the amount of vendors eking out an existence by trying to sell four pairs of shipship and seven white cotton T-shirts is increasing.

Adel Heine

Review: Op-ed pages fueled with FJP’s latest elections

Egyptian opinion writers were almost overwhelmed with the latest elections of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party to pick their new president. After Saad El-Katatny was pronounced the party’s new leader, columnists have saluted El-Erian for his courteous reaction after his defeat, where as many have listed a number of pieces of advice to the party’s new management.

Daily News Egypt