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Ten reasons why Egypt is vital to US economy and security

By Juan Cole Whatever the reasons the US public is less excited about Egypt’s ongoing revolution, the country is in fact important to the US. A Pew poll shows that far fewer Americans are following events in Egypt closely now than in January-February 2011. Actually, about the same percentage are following it “fairly closely” as …

Daily News Egypt

First the push, then the pull

Economies, like relationships, require a good feeling. The best relationships draw you in, and you really enjoy the happiness and value  you get from them. Less good ones can drive you away, and while you get something out of them, you are not very drawn into them. Economies are kind of like that. Some pull …

Iris Boutros

Is the military good for Egypt’s economy?

By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy That’s a question I put to around a dozen Egyptian businessmen over the weekend, all of whom responded with a resounding “Yes”. Here are some snippets of conversations I had with a few of Egypt’s business community over the weekend (some appeared in this story for The National newspaper): Nassef Sawiris, billionaire …

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