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Egyptian female youth and their labour market

Recently, I was stunned. I had quite a surprising experience while interviewing a young, Egyptian woman for a basic entry-level analyst-type position. From my perspective, the interview was going well. The young woman was bright and seemed to have many of the qualities I was looking for in a candidate. As we were wrapping up, …

Iris Boutros

Oil-rich Kuwait warns welfare state unsustainable

The programme up to the 2016/2017 fiscal year aims to review subsidies, charges and prices of public services, besides imposing a taxation system in a country that generates 94% of its income from selling oil and where individuals and corporates pay no taxes.

Daily News Egypt

Contemporary Egyptian nonsense part 2: The riches of Egypt!

So we continue with examining some of those wild ideas and unfounded claims which haunt the minds of many people. We are hoping to do so in a constructive manner with the aim to move beyond the old tales and actually think about something meaningful. Our discussion this week will be about the age old …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Contemporary Egyptian non-sense part 1: Suez Canal in Pounds!

In modern days Egypt, so many ideas grow out of the blues captivating the minds and souls of the population. Some of these ideas are political, economical, or social. While some fade away fast, others never seem to go out of fashion, surfacing every now and again as if begging to be shot down. Over …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Egypt’s misguided liberals

By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy Questions were already being raised about Egypt’s new liberals and whether they really were as democratic as they claimed to be. But, as Sharif Abdel Kouddous wrote in the Nation recently, “the turning point came on August 14, when the military and security forces brutally cleared the two mass sit-ins in …

Daily News Egypt

The ‘minimum wage’ defeat for ten million

There have been mixed reactions to this week’s announcement of a new public sector minimum total income of EGP1,200 per month to come into effect in January of 2014. Many are unsatisfied – unsatisfied with the EGP1,200 figure, the target of total income and not wage, or the meeting of the social justice objective. Some …

Iris Boutros

Rent boys

By Philip Whitfield Who’d be in the president’s shoes? Adly schleps in the shadows. Morsi shuffles round prison in his. Mubarak hobbles in hospital pumps. Sadat died with his on. Nasser wore his out on socialism’s slippery slope. Who’s got the courage to give the old ways a kicking? The economist Felix Inmonti says rent-funded …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt left vulnerable after Qatari snub

By Farah Halime It was bound to happen sooner or later. Egypt has returned to Qatar the $2bn the Gulf state deposited in Egypt’s central bank after negotiations to convert the money into three-year bonds failed. Though this represents only a quarter of the total funds Qatar has lent or given to Egypt, the decision …

Daily News Egypt