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Doctors protest outside Cabinet to press for demands

CAIRO: Doctors protested outside the Cabinet headquarters Thursday to reiterate demands of better healthcare, better pay and security at hospitals. About 200 doctors representing hospitals across the country were joined by striking public transport drivers and workers at air-conditioning manufacturer, Unionaire. Thousands of doctors are reportedly on strike, but as the strike enters its second …


Egypt teachers, doctors and workers continue nationwide strikes

CAIRO: Egyptian teachers embarked Sunday on the second day of a nationwide general strike, demanding the dismissal of Education Minister Ahmed Gamal El-Din Moussa, a minimum wage of LE 3,000 and the promised 200 percent reward incentive without cuts. Simultaneously, doctors and workers in Egypt’s public transportation sector as well as a number of factories …


Doctors begin full strike at 20 public hospitals

CAIRO: About 1,500 doctors started Tuesday a full, open strike at 20 public hospitals nationwide until their demands are met, following a three-day partial strike. "Since Saturday, no health ministry officials attempted to talk to us which made us resort to escalation measures," Ahmed Atef, a plastic surgeon at El-Nil hospital in Qalyoubiya’s Shoubra El-Kheima …


Doctors plan open strike on Sept. 10

CAIRO: Egypt’s Doctors’ Coalition is preparing to hold an open strike starting Sept. 10 to demand the dismissal of the health minister’s "corrupt" assistants, better wages and security at hospitals. Doctors said the strike aims to pressure Health Minister Amr Helmy to respond to their demands after two unsuccessful meetings. "We hope that we won’t …


Doctors demand resignation of health minister

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: Tens of doctors organized a march Sunday from the Doctors’ Syndicate to the Ministry of Health demanding the resignation of Minister Ashraf Hatem as well as “corrupt” ministry officials. Doctors said they will resume their strike since their demands were not met, setting an initial date of May 31. “The government [reneged] …


Doctors halt strike after PM meeting

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: Doctors suspended their open-ended strike late Tuesday after a meeting with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and Finance Minister Samir Radwan, who promised to meet their demands including raising the health budget. The Higher Committee organizing the doctors’ strike called for its suspension after a delegation met with Sharaf, who said that the …


Doctors to strike on May 10, demand resignation of minister

CAIRO: The Doctors’ Syndicate’s emergency general assembly voted Sunday to organize a general strike on May 10 and an open strike starting May 17 until their demands are met. A dispute between members and the syndicate’s board over the mechanism of voting on the open strike resulted in physical clashes between members on stage. The …


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