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Armed clashes erupt in north, south Egypt

By Maggie Michael / AP CAIRO: Officials and witnesses say a gang of robbers has attacked villagers in southern Egypt after being surprised by police while trying to steal railroad tracks for scrap metal. They spoke Tuesday describing one of a number of incidents illustrating the breakdown of law and order in Egypt in the aftermath …


Egypt hit by string of armed robberies

CAIRO: Gunmen raided a money transfer company in Cairo on Wednesday, state news agency MENA reported, bringing to five the number of armed robberies in less than a week in a country previously unaccustomed to such incidents. Two men attacked the Super Service company in the east of the Egyptian capital, seizing LE800,000 ($130,000/€99,000), MENA …


Reported crime rate steady as fear rises post Jan. 25, says poll

CAIRO: Reported crime rate has held steady in Egypt following the January 25 Revolution, in the midst of a security vacuum and rising fear, a Gallup study revealed. In August 2011, only 8 percent of those surveyed reported money or property stolen from them or another household member within the last 12 months, compared to …


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