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Geography ranks high

I do not understand how those who learned about persecution first hand have no qualms ensuring it will be part of a new Egypt, how geography ranks higher than freedom.

Adel Heine

Political parties agree on constitution compromise: state media

By AFP CAIRO: Political parties reached an agreement on Thursday to boost their representation in a disputed constitutional panel dominated by Islamists, the official MENA news agency reported. Liberals had withdrawn from the Constituent Assembly appointed by the Islamist-majority parliament, accusing the fundamentalists of trying to control the process of drafting a new constitution. At …


Egypt lawmakers to appoint constitutional panel March 24

By AFP CAIRO: Egypt’s People’s Assembly and Shoura Council will appoint a panel to draft a new constitution on March 24, the speaker said on Saturday, in what will likely be a tug of war between the dominant Islamists and liberals. Members of both houses will hold several joint sessions to discuss the criteria for …


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