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Review: Columnists debate Al-Nour clashes, Constituent Assembly members and Sinai

Columnists explore the continuing internal dispute splitting the Salafi Al-Nour party. Others dedicate their columns to Sinai and the suggested idea of arming tribes to safeguard the peninsula. On another note, some commentaries have discussed the growing debate on the Constituent Assembly and its membership, focusing on the five members who resumed their roles within …

Daily News Egypt

Prison break out in Tripoli

According to reports in the Tripoli Post, a riot and gun battles broke out in Al-Fornaj prison in Tripoli. During the fighting, eight prisoners escaped custody. There were also six casualties and one prisoner was killed. The riot started when a vehicle showed up outside the prison and opened fire on the guards, seemingly in …

Daily News Egypt

Clash along Iraq-Turkey border

Turkish military and Kurdish militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) clashed near the border of Iraq leaving eight Turkish soldiers dead and at least 16 others wounded,Turkish officials said. The incident is the bloodiest clash over the contentious Kurdish region in recent months. It was reported by Reuters that the attacks were launched in …

Ahmed Khalifa

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