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CirCairo 2012 performing in front of Abdeen Palace Laurence Underhill / DNE

Art & Culture: a year in review (part 1)

Egypt’s Art&Culture scene flourished in 2012. From music, contemporary dance to photography, festivals and exhibitions of paintings, the underground scene grew exponentially.
Many artists quote the revolution as their inspiration and controversial subject matters were seen more than ever before. Artists in Egypt have become more outspoken and the diversity in their work made for a vibrant, surprising and entertaining year. Here are some of our highlights of 2012.

Fady Salah

The charm of circus brought to Al-Azhar park

“The crowd here is very friendly and very nice. They are a great audience, they cheer you on and interact with you. We get a lot more encouragement from the people here than we do back home in Belgium,” said Wout, one of the performers.

Daily News Egypt

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