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Turkey and the Future of Europe

By Chris Patten LONDON: This is my last column for a while. I am off to become Chairman of the BBC Trust — the strategic authority of one of the greatest broadcasting organizations in the world. So I have to take a Sicilian vow of omerta on controversial issues for the term of my chairmanship. That …


No exceptions

By Chris Patten LONDON: Anyone who has read The Yacoubian Building, a novel published in 2002 by the Egyptian author Alaa Al-Aswany, will regard the revolution in Egypt as long overdue. The novel’s readers will not have been astonished by the ease with which the rotting hulk of Hosni Mubarak’s regime was dashed against the rocks, …


Mr. Hu goes to Washington

By Chris Patten LONDON: President Hu Jintao will travel to the United States for his third official visit as China’s leader on Jan. 19. It may be his last before he hands over power to his apparently designated successor, Vice President Xi Jinping, in 2012 — coincidentally the same year that President Barack Obama will be …


YEAREND SPECIAL: A good year for God

By Chris Patten LONDON: It’s been a better year for God. After withering literary assaults on the Almighty from the Oxford academic Richard Dawkins, the essayist Christopher Hitchens, and others, believers have hit back. Best of all has been The Case for God by the brilliant religion writer Karen Armstrong. More important still is the news …


Drifting towards the rapids

By Chris Patten LONDON: We are told that we live in anxious times, with lots to worry about and no more comforting certainty. But just how comfortable were all those past certainties, anyway? I grew up in a world in which peace and stability were assured by the threat of global nuclear annihilation. My first term …


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