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Political chaos overshadowed elections

The Carter Centre reports that a chaotic political climate overshadowed Egypt’s elections Former US President Jimmy Carter founded the Carter Centre to oversee the effectiveness of election processes in chaotic contexts.What they found in their mission in Egypt was not only po- litical chaos but the heavy shadow of the Supreme Council ofArmed Forces over …

Rana Muhammad Taha

Carter Center highlights violations, successes of Egypt’s electoral process

CAIRO: While local monitoring groups focused on violations by specific parties, candidates and judicial monitors during the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, the Carter Center said the process was "largely peaceful." It added that the Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC) should take the lead in improving the process in the coming two rounds. Campaigning, though …


Carter Center ‘witnesses’ follow electoral process, say it is ‘too soon to tell’

  CAIRO: Despite reports of some violations by local monitoring groups, the Carter Center believes it is "too soon to tell" whether abuses in the electoral process are widespread, according to Ebie Dupont, deputy field office director for the center.   The center, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has observed elections in 35 countries since 1989, …


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