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Defense lawyers say evidence weak in ‘Camel Battle’ trial

CAIRO: Defense lawyers described the evidence against their clients as “weak” after two prosecution witnesses changed their testimonies in court during a hearing of the “Battle of the Camel” trial. Civil society lawyers called for summoning high-profile witnesses. Lawyer Fathi Aboul Hassan demanded Wednesday that former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq as well as former and …


Witnesses change testimony, Mortada Mansour kicked out in ‘Camel Battle’ trial

CAIRO: Two prosecution witnesses changed their testimony Wednesday in favor of two defendants as the judge kicked out defendant and outspoken lawyer Mortada Mansour in the fourth hearing of the “Battle of the Camel” trial. Twenty-five former officials and MPs are facing charges of ordering the attack on protesters in Tahrir Square on Feb. 2 …


Horses and camels entered Tahrir Square by mistake, say witnesses

CAIRO: Two horseback riders from Nazlet El-Semman said that horses and camels entered Tahrir Square by mistake on Feb. 2 and were attacked by protesters, in their testimonies for the case of the “Battle of the Camel.” On Tuesday, the court listened to the testimonies of horseback riders Kamel Atris and Sami Abdel Salam Hafez …


El-Sherif, Sorour deny involvement in ‘Camel Battle’

CAIRO: CAIRO: Former secretary general of the disbanded National Democratic Party (NDP) Safwat El-Sherif and former speaker of the People’s Assembly Fathi Sorour denied charges of inciting attacks on protesters on Feb. 2 in Tahrir Square, dubbed the “Camel Battle,” in the case’s first hearing before the Criminal Court. On Sunday, the prosecution accused El-Sherif, …


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