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El-Manfalouti and ‘Sous Les Tilleuls’

  By Nouran Maamoun   “Sous Les Tilleuls” was the first novel written by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, a French critic, journalist, and novelist. Karr wrote this autobiographical romantic novel in 1832. Over 60 years later, Mustafa Lutfi El-Manfalouti translated it into Arabic under the name “Magdolin”.   “Magdolin” itself became another masterpiece, as El-Manfalouti’s translation, …

Daily News Egypt

Gaza: Stay Human

As if words are not enough to describe how humanity was crushed during this war, the book is scattered with black and white pictures showing the rubble, destruction and despair in people’s eyes.

Hend Kortam

Connected in Cairo

The book is not just a boring academic read either, even casual readers will benefit from its flowing style replete with short anecdotes that inject liveliness and background into the sometimes sweeping generalisations Peterson makes.

Ahmed Khalifa

American Dervish: A conversation about love, identity and faith

By Naazish YarKhan CHICAGO, Illinois: Ayad Akhtar’s “American Dervish,” set in pre–9/11 American suburbia, is a bold debut novel, where the author seems to hold the American Muslim community by the collar, and shake it into recognizing its failings — whether they are anti-Semitism, the unwillingness to accept that Muslims come in various shades or the …


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