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Talks must come with guarantees, Bahrain cleric

MANAMA: A senior Bahraini cleric said Friday that any dialogue between anti-government protesters and the kingdom’s rulers must lead to clear results that achieve the demands of the people. Imam Isa Qassim issued the call for conditions to any talks as opposition supporters prepared to launch mass marches on the capital’s landmark Pearl Square, which …


Bahrain king orders release of political prisoners

MANAMA: Bahrain’s king ordered the release of some political prisoners Tuesday, conceding to another opposition demand as the embattled monarchy tries to engage protesters in talks aimed at ending an uprising that has entered its second week. The king’s decree — which covers several Shiite activists accused of plotting against the state — adds to …


Bahrain opposition plots strategy before talks

MANAMA: Bahrain’s opposition leaders gathered Sunday to examine offers for talks by Bahrain’s rulers after nearly a week of protests and deadly clashes that have sharply divided the strategic Gulf nation. The streets in the tiny island kingdom were calmer as efforts shifted toward possible political haggling over demands for the monarchy to give up …


Angry Bahrain Shias bury dead of police raid

SITRA: Angry Bahraini Shias began Friday burying the dead of a violent police raid on anti-regime protesters as the army enforced a tight clamp across the capital of the Sunni-ruled Gulf monarchy. Thousands of mourners in the village of Sitra, east of Manama, chanted slogans calling for the ouster of the regime of the al-Khalifa …


Bahrain unrest seen as warning Gulf States not immune

DUBAI: Deadly protests in Bahrain in which some demonstrators have called for the overthrow of the pro-Western monarchy show that the oil-rich Gulf is not immune to the Arab wind of change, analysts say. Inspired by the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt which brought down two Western-backed strongmen, protesters in the Shia-majority island state which …


Bahrain protesters urge more pressure on rulers

By AP MANAMA: Protesters demanding sweeping political reforms from Bahrain’s rulers held their ground Wednesday in an Egypt-style occupation of the capital’s landmark square, calling for a third day of demonstrations that have brought unprecedented pressure in one of Washington’s most strategic allies in the Gulf. Security forces have pulled back sharply — apparently on …


Clashes in Bahrain before planned protest rally

DUBAI: Bahrain’s security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse anti-government protesters Monday in advance of plans to stage major rallies and bring the Arab reform wave to the Gulf for the first time, witnesses said. It was the second reported skirmish with protesters since Sunday amid sharply rising tensions in the tiny …


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