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Into the unknown

Arab foreign ministers met, in an emergency meeting at the headquarters of the League of Arab States on Saturday, to discuss how to deal with the American decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that was announced by US President Donald Trump on 6 December. The American recognition of Jerusalem as …

Hussein Haridi

Lemon Tree: camera as tool to deconstruct borders in Arab-Israeli conflict

Lemon Tree brings the camera to the borders. The film takes place at the separation line, or the “Green Line”, that separates the occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank from Israel. Unlike the checkpoints, the borders are not owned by any side. However, the ones who control the regulations on whom and what should …

Adham Youssef

The history of Arab nations at the World Cup 

The Egyptian national team was drawn to play against Saudi Arabia, Russia (the host), and Uruguay in Group A of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Saudi Arabia will play the opening match against Russia. Morocco will accompany Spain, Portugal, and Iran in Group B, while Group G includes Tunisia, England, Belgium, and Panama. Arab teams …

Alaa Moustafa

How an alternative citizenship changes lives of Arab families  

In the search for safety and freedom of movement, an increasing number of Arab families are considering an alternative citizenship. The many years of instability in some of Middle Eastern countries and the growing trend of European countries and the USA to have more restrictive immigration policies, has directly affected several nations in the region.  …

Veronica Cotdemiey

Heaven on Earth

A frequent theme of modern Arab intellectual discourse has been the search for solutions to the failures and weakness of the Arab world in recent times. This, alas, has led the region down several blind alleys that have only made things worse. One of those was the path of socialism. In this, the Arabs were …

Joshua Muravchik

The post-2011 Arab World: change is the name of the game

Common wisdom has it that ultimately failed or troubled popular revolts in 2011 in the Middle East and North Africa have sparked bloody civil wars and violent extremism, and given autocracy a new lease on life. Indeed, there is no denying that a brutal civil war in Syria has killed hundreds of thousands and dislocated …

James Dorsey

UN security council’s recent resolution: victory or defeat?

Many Palestinian, Arab, and global entities celebrated the voting of the UN security council on Resolution 2334 which significantly condemns all forms of Israeli settlement on Palestinian lands occupied in 1967, demands Israel to stop all settlement activities in these lands including East Jerusalem, and considers any Israeli settlement activity a flagrant violation of international …

Moatasem Ahmed Dalloul

Pushing the envelope: the World Cup and Arab revolts drive change

Pressured by human rights and trade union activists leveraging Qatar’s exposure as a World Cup host and influenced by subtle changes sparked by popular Arab revolts in recent years, young Qataris are pushing the envelope, broaching publicly hitherto taboo subjects like homosexuality, women’s dress codes, and citizenship. The pushing of the envelope may be the …

James Dorsey

Orlando’s shooting in the eyes of Arabs

  Trembling souls aching for survival, for a second chance. In their eyes there is horror; their memories rushing through their minds faster than the blood rushing to their hearts. They plead, they beg, they cry. To be the one holding their destinies, regrets, and dreams in your hands and still find it in your …

Yarah El-Gerzawii