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Arab Spring and the peace process: The real domino effect

By Zvi Bar’el Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has been full of surprises in the last couple of months. First came his announcement that the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations should be given a chance. Then came the reconciliation agreement between Fateh and Hamas, which was followed by Meshaal’s confirmation that he would not run for another term as director …


A PALESTINIAN VIEW: Arab Spring and peace process: The goal is democratization

By Ghassan Khatib The relationship between the ongoing uprisings and revolutions in the Arab world and the Palestinian-Israeli peace process is a convoluted mix of cause and effect. While Israelis tend to argue that recent developments in the Arab world justify the stagnation in the peace process (because the Arab revolutions “prove” constant instability in the …


Six months on, Egypt’s revolt disappoints Gazans

By Nidal Almughrabi / Reuters GAZA: They had hoped this Ramadan would be different. But many Palestinians who find themselves again penned into Gaza for the holy month are blaming Egypt, the neighboring Arab power which, after toppling President Hosni Mubarak on Feb. 11, had pledged to free up travel across the shared border. The dismay …


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