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Democracy’s dawn in Tunisia and Egypt?

By Alfred Stepan CAIRO: With protests fading in Tunis and seeming to have peaked in Cairo, it is time to ask whether Tunisia and Egypt will complete democratic transitions. I have been visiting both countries, where many democratic activists have been comparing their situation with the more than 20 successful and failed democratic-transition attempts throughout the …


Does Egypt need a Pharoah?

By Alfred Stepan and Juan J. Linz NEW YORK: As Egypt’s revolution hangs in the balance, what factors are most likely to determine the outcome? While all eyes seem to be focused on the army, watching to see which way it will jump, other key questions are being overlooked. Of course, what the army does is …


Indonesia’s democratic Islam

By Alfred Stepan and Jeremy Menchik NEW YORK: The visit by “Barry Obama,” the Indonesian nickname for the former resident and current United States president, to Jakarta is intended, as much as anything, to celebrate the achievements of the largest Muslim-majority country in the world. In the 12 years since its transition to democracy, Indonesia has …


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