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Fixing Our Broken Oceans

By Achim Steiner and Joshua S. Reichert NAIROBI: Many people know that oceans cover more than 70 percent of the world’s surface, and that marine fisheries provide food for billions of people. What is less known is that the high seas — the areas of the world’s oceans that lie beyond the limits of national jurisdiction, …


The renewable future

By Achim Steiner, Helen Clark and Kandeh Yumkella NAIROBI: Renewable energy triggers sharply polarized views. For some, it is a costly white elephant; for others, it is humanity’s savior, promising to emancipate us (and our environment) from the “folly” of fossil fuels. So a hardheaded, credible, and, above all, impartial analysis, which would provide a much-needed …


Silent momentum on climate change

By Achim Steiner NAIROBI: The last two years have been a roller coaster ride in respect to securing a new global treaty to combat climate change. Some even despair that the window for action is closing fast. But giving up is not an option. The latest round of climate negotiations, held last month in Cancún, Mexico, …


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