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When women work

According to a report released by Egypt’s Central Administration for Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) in April 2016, women account for approximately 22.5-23.5% of the local labour market compared to 46% in the UK, 47% in Russia, and 50% in South Korea, as examples. Even though the portion of women in the active workforce has slightly …

Mohamed Shirin El Hawary

Our priority is to empower women: UN Women regional director Naciri

Mohamed Naciri, regional director of UN Women—Arab states/North Africa, said that one of the UN’s priorities and roles is to support member states, civil society, and women and girls, specifically to empower women, including the pursuit of a world in which women and girls live without violence. This came during the ceremony that was organised …

Nihal Samir

Egyptian awarded 1 of 7 most exceptional female scientists in Middle East

For years, Mennatullah El-Serafy, a PhD holder in genome science, has been working on research about human genes to detect proteins and factors that would help find treatments for immunological and genetic diseases. Her research led her to be chosen as one of the seven most exceptional female scientists in the Middle East by the …

Nada Deyaa’

Implementing women’s economic empowerment for shaping global economy

A study about implementing women’s economic empowerment for shaping the global economy was conducted by Citibank, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the European Commission. The study aims to dig deeper in strengthening the role of women, not only in terms of the labour force, but also in terms of reaching higher …

Nevine Kamel

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