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Anger over press law continues unabated

Independent and opposition newspapers strike against new law CAIRO: Journalists continue to protest a government-proposed press law after Egypt’s People’s Assembly announced that it was prepared to pass it. More than 20 independent and opposition newspapers and magazines launched a strike on Sunday; only national newspapers were to be seen on newsstands. Many pro-democracy and …

Pakinam Amer

Israel launches strikes after rebuffing ceasefire

GAZA: Israel launched air strikes against Palestinian targets across the Gaza Strip on Sunday and said it would continue an open-ended offensive after rebuffing a ceasefire proposed by Prime Minister Ismail Haniya of Hamas. Israeli leaders said the military would press on with air and ground assaults until Palestinian militants released Corporal Gilad Shalit, a …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Police arrest 30 Brotherhood leaders

CAIRO: Egyptian security forces have detained 30 leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the latest arrests in a crackdown on the country s strongest opposition movement, the group s deputy leader said on Sunday. Mohammed Habib told Reuters 27 Brotherhood members were arrested in the town of Ras Al-Bir on Egypt s north coast during …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Shares dip as mobile telecom mania fades

CAIRO: Shares slipped on Sunday as mania triggered by last week s auction of Egypt s third mobile license faded and the market turned sluggish, with telecoms stocks generally lower, traders said. Existing mobile operator Vodafone Egypt dropped 4.7 percent to close at LE 88.66 ($15.37), while rival MobiNil fell 0.4 percent to LE 157.97. …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Omar Effendi sale finalized

CAIRO: After years of unsuccessful attempts to privatize the retail giant, the board of directors of the Holding Company for Trade finally approved the sale of Omar Effendi to Anwal United Trading Co., a Saudi clothing and apparel retailer. The final approval by the holding company that owns Omar Effendi follows the endorsement of the …

Waleed Khalil Rasromani

Dying Egyptian artform revived in Cairo

Agence France-Presse CAIRO: When Omm Sameh sings, trendy students, young intellectuals and tourists looking for a taste of the exotic sway to her captivating sounds. The voluptuous, dark-eyed singer sings to the Prophet Mohammed and his descendants, to Jesus and to unseen spirits to the pulsating rhythms of drums and strings. She is one of …

Daily News Egypt

Little to glow about at World Cup for Africa

Agence France-Presse BERLIN: Africa is ready, Africa s time has come, Africa is calling. Those emotive words from South African president Thabo Mbeki about South Africa s hosting of the 2010 World Cup could just as well sum up Africa s hopes of actually winning the trophy. They may be ready but their time has …

Daily News Egypt

Less than half proposed sites pass first hurdle for UNESCO list

VILNIUS: Less than half the 37 sites nominated for a place on UNESCO s prestigious World Heritage list have been provisionally approved for inclusion on the list, an official of the UN cultural body said in Lithuania Friday. Our experts have recommended 14 sites to be included on the World Heritage list, but this does …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

A towering achievement

CAIRO: A marketer by profession, Randa Haggag dared to do what most executives caught up in the rat race only dream about. Through her passion for photography, which started off as a hobby, she was able to take a step back from the daily grind and really take notice of the beauty in her surroundings. …

Aida Nassar

Muslim Brotherhood to run in Shura Council elections

Group accuses government of obeying U.S. commands CAIRO: One of Egypt’s principal opposition groups, the Muslim Brotherhood, announced Thursday their intention to run in the coming elections for the Shura Council (lower house of parliament) in April. “We have a principal. It is that we would run for all elections, on every level, including the …

Pakinam Amer

Hunch time

It’s come down to Europe vs. Europe, former vs. former champion, blue vs. blue. France s Les Bleus vs. the Italian Azzurri. The stage is set for a classic. Tomorrow witnesses the biggest football match in four years. Any questions? History says Italy will win. The French will be making just their second ever appearance …

Alaa Abdel-Ghani

Future of the El-Ghad party in question

CAIRO: Despite its young age in comparison to other, more established parties, the liberal El-Ghad (Tomorrow) party, founded by the 42-year-old Ayman Nour in October 2004, was one of the key players in the political movement that Egypt witnessed in the last couple of years. The party had its ups and downs and now faces …

Maram Mazen

Defense-minded teams advance to the finals

CAIRO: For any teams looking to advance in the next World Cup, thinking that an assortment of talented strikers and attack-minded midfielders are enough, this World Cup may cause them to think again. As goalkeepers turned out to be the hero’s in the quarter-finals, the defenders prevailed during the semi-finals. In the first semi-final between …

Daily News Egypt

Israel presses Gaza assault, 26 killed

Agence France-Presse GAZA CITY: Israel pressed on with its bloody offensive against Gaza on Friday, a day after reoccupying land and waging multiple air strikes in the deadliest 24 hours in the Palestinian territories for four years. Three Palestinians, one of them a teenager, were killed as Israeli artillery and aircraft pounded the northern Gaza …

Daily News Egypt

A stylish wedding

  ŠΘ # # # Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif attended the event along with Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny and Minster of Defense Hussein Tantawy, here we can see Farouk Hosni, Ahmed Fathi Sorour, Ahmed Nazif and Safwat El Sherif # # Hussein Tantawy, Nora, Mohamed and Samir Farag

Daily Star Egypt Staff

The elusive myth of press freedom

We re Egyptians, we like fairy tales. Aly Baba and the 40 Thieves, Joha, One ?Thousand and One Nights. Oh, and the most modern of our fairy tales; the one about social and political reform. Most Egyptians know that one; it s ongoing. If only Scheherazade d had access to that ?one, she d have …

Daily News Egypt

Women and minorities, the Arab invisibles

Hopes are high that the military junta which recently seized power in Mauritania, ousting long-time dictator Mouawiya Ould Al-Tayie, will usher in a new era marked by democratic reform. Historically, Arab countries have had bitter experiences with coups, but there is reason to believe that this latest episode differs markedly from its predecessors. The country …

Daily News Egypt

Present and Tense: The Circassian quatrain

Many of you don’t know that this country is on the verge of a legal reform unmatched since Hammurabi went up the mountain and brought back the Magna Carta. The judges and journalists would have you think otherwise. How many times have I told them to stop the melodrama? How many times have I said …

Nabil Shawkat

Is there a correlation between World Cup success and the economy?

CAIRO: As the 2006 World Cup enters the next stage of competition, millions worldwide will scrutinize the performance of all the teams in the semi finals. Yet, while the rapture of global audiences is limited to the brilliant tactics of strikers such as Ronaldo and center midfielders like France’s Zidane, a new crop of World …

Najla Moussa

Emotional intelligence

The art of regulating feelings to be in control of your emotional responses CAIRO: Do you often lose your temper with your irresponsible colleague? Can t you fight the urge to help other people although you always feel frustrated when they don t return the favor? Are your spouse s irritating habits threatening your future …

Sarah El Sirgany

Anything your heart desires

Enjoy the service of Sharm El-Sheikh s Four Seasons Resort SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt: If you are in need of a relaxing, high quality vacation, look no further than the Four Seasons Resort in Sharm El-Sheikh, offering you pretty much anything you desire and more. The Moroccan architectural design of the clustered 200 rooms is …

Farah El Alfy

Get your children out of the house

Summer activities are pivotal to children s development, not mere time fillers CAIRO: Whether it is a low-key teenager or a hyperactive seven-year-old, summer time is always a problem. More than three months of children lying around the house, either wrecking havoc in all its rooms or glued to the TV screen and playing video …

Daily News Egypt

Italy's government supports probe on alleged CIA kidnapping

Egyptian cleric to sue Berlusconi ROME: Italy s government on Thursday backed a probe into the possible role of its intelligence services in the alleged abduction of an Egyptian by U.S. agents, a day after senior intelligence figures were arrested in connection with the case. Italian Defense Minister Arturo Parisi said Prime Minister Romano Prodi …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

A business dinner

  ŠΘ # # # Egypt’s Minister of Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid was the guest of honor and gave a speech discussing trade in the Middle East, here, Fayza Farid and Aziza Tannani # # Photography by Hassan Ibrahim Rabee Nersh, Ayman Osman, Ahmed Bedewy, Ambassador Hassan Shash and Ali El Halaby

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Gaza gateway temporarily reopens to humanitarian cases

GAZA CITY: The Gaza Strip s sole gateway to the world that bypasses Israel, its border with Egypt, temporarily reopened Thursday to allow people to cross on a humanitarian basis, an EU spokeswoman said. The Rafah passenger terminal, which has been closed since the Israeli soldier crisis broke out on June 25, was to stay …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Minnawi calls on Egypt to support Darfur peace

CAIRO: Minni Minnawi, the leader of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) who signed a deal with Khartoum to end the conflict in the western region of Darfur, on Thursday called on Egypt to pursue its support of peace efforts. We have asked Egypt to support the efforts to achieve stability and to help with …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Israeli aircraft have message for Arabs: Muslim Brotherhood

CAIRO: The opposition Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday warned that Israeli warplanes that flew over Syria last week carried a powerful message to Arab leaders, a statement from the Islamist group said. A note to Arab leaders: the (Israeli) warplanes that flew over the Syrian president s presidential palace in (northern Syria) carried a powerful message …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Word on the Street: Captivating the public's attention

CAIRO: With the amount of events taking place both within Egypt and in the region as a whole, newspapers and magazines are never struggling to find information to fill their pages. While some people simply pick up a publication to take a gander at the horoscope, others take the time to read the publication from …

Ahmad Aboul-Wafa