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Rio opening

  ŠΘ # # # Mariam Amin, Dina Shaker, and Zeinab # # Among the attendees were Yuri Markadi and many of Egypt’s celebrities, businessmen and socialites, here, Nadine, Yuri Markadi and Ingy Wagih

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Journalists protest colleagues' trial

CAIRO: Several dozen journalists protested in Cairo Thursday in solidarity with three colleagues charged for denouncing alleged fraud in the country s legislative elections in November. Wael Al-Ibrashi and Hoda Abu Bakr from the weekly independent Sawt Al-Umma and Abdel Hakim Hamid, editorial director of the weekly Afaaq Arabiya, which is close to the Muslim …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Amidst Cairo's high-rises, a drama of poverty plays out on the Nile

Associated Press CAIRO: It was not looking like a good day for the skipper and his family, the crew of Boat 578. From shortly after sunrise, Mohammed Abdel-Hameed, his wife and two of their daughters had shared duties rowing along the Nile, casting the net and hauling it in. By midday the return on their …

Hamza Hendawi

LNG exporting heavyweights meet with U.S. industry

Reuters WASHINGTON: Four major international exporters of liquefied natural gas met with U.S. utility and industry executives on Wednesday to discuss future supply. Government officials from Nigeria, Algeria, Qatar and Egypt met with executives from about 30 U.S. companies in the closed-door session organized by former U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham s consulting shop. Both …

Daily News Egypt

Daring Egyptian actress dons headscarf, calls Iran 'role model'

CAIRO: Young Egyptian actress Hanan Turk, known for her daring roles in a conservative society, caused a stir when she recently called Iranian cinema a role model and donned the Islamic headscarf. Her conversion was the latest event to electrify the ongoing debate on the Islamization of Egyptian society, with artistic circles lamenting her decision …

Daily News Egypt

Premier of China kicks off Africa tour in Egypt

Agence France-Presse CAIRO: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao kicks off a tour of Africa in Egypt on Saturday, celebrating Sino-African political ties in the nation where they began, before resuming the hunt for mineral wealth in six other countries. On May 30, 1956, Egypt became the first African state to establish diplomatic relations with the People …

Daily News Egypt

World Cup on everyone's mind

Coverage focuses on high school exams, violence in Palestine CAIRO: The Thanaweya Amma finals, the World Cup and the newest court order in the infamous MP loans case dominated news throughout the week. Meanwhile, state-run newspapers and their opposition counterparts were running contradictory news about the new judiciary law. Thanaweya Amma, the term for the …

Sarah El Sirgany

GAFI chief suggests collective resolution of disputes between businesses and the government

CAIRO: General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) Chairman Ziad Bahaa El-Din suggests closer ties between the authority and business associations in resolving private sector disputes with the government. It allows us to move from the state of mind of dealing with individual issues and individual problems towards dealing with collective problems, says Bahaa …

Waleed Khalil Rasromani

Word on the Street

Leaders of tomorrow CAIRO: While political reform is foremost on the minds of most Egyptians, the younger generations are now faced with another, more urgent matter: exams. This year, the exams have coincided with the World Cup, and while not everyone will be able to watch the Cup due to the rights held by Arab …

Ahmad Aboul-Wafa

Report slams rights violations in Egypt

CAIRO: May was the worst month in the past quarter century for the freedom of expression, says a report recently released by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRinfo). According to the report, the actions the government took between April 24 and May 25 were among the worst months in the country’s history. “What …

Joseph Mayton

China's Wen to visit Egypt in regional tour

Agence France-Presse BEIJING: China will begin round three of an intense diplomatic campaign in Africa on Saturday when Premier Wen Jiabao embarks on a hectic seven-nation tour of the continent. Wen will spend one week traveling through Egypt, Ghana, the Republic of Congo, Angola, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda, pushing ever harder his nation s …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt refers controversial judiciary bill to parliament

CAIRO: Egypt s government Wednesday approved and sent to parliament a draft law on the authority of the judiciary, setting the stage for a fresh standoff with pro-reform judges who said they were not consulted. After a meeting today chaired by Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, the cabinet referred the bill containing amendments to the law …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Too expensive for a uniting event

High subscription prices put World Cup out of reach of most Egyptians CAIRO: World Cup fever is raging throughout the globe, and the Middle East is no exception. For one month every four years, the world stops for the most anticipated sports event in history, as indicated by the 1.7 billion people who tuned in …

Najla Moussa

Portraits of the city

Michael Haag captures Cairo’s main attraction in his pictorial guide CAIRO: I was flipping through the book when a photograph of a downtown building grabbed my attention; its interior was stunning. I had driven by the Tiring department store in Ataba sq. countless times, with little more than a cursory glance. Not once did I …

Aida Nassar

Summer screen sensations

Arabic movies dominate movie theaters this season and vie for their share at the box office CAIRO: Despite the start of the World Cup, the season of summer films has started with a bang. Five Egyptian films have overrun the multiplexes nationwide as their producers and distributors gamble with all their assets: catchy one-liners, singers …

Daily News Egypt

The Slamdance experience

A young Egyptian filmmaker gives a personal account of his experience at an international film festival CAIRO, November 2005: For a young filmmaker, getting the opportunity to showcase your work at an international film festival is big. I had recently obtained my One-Year Directing Diploma from the New York Film Academy, where I wrote, directed …

Daily News Egypt

Just ban it?

Minister of Culture confirms that “The Da Vinci Code will be banned from Egyptian cinemas CAIRO: The rumors that the blockbuster hit “The Da Vinci Code is to be banned from Egyptian cinema were confirmed by Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni, who made the announcement during a session of parliament on Tuesday. No surprise there. …

Farah El Alfy

Brotherhood calls for referendum on peace with Israel

Call seen as support for Palestinian government CAIRO: In a recent interview with DREAM television, supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, said that the peace agreement made by President Anwar Sadat should be cancelled. Akef called on the government to put the treaty to the people in a referendum. The Egyptian-Israeli peace …

Joseph Mayton

Detained activist denied medical care: lawyer

CAIRO: Egyptian authorities have refused to allow detained activist Mohammed El Sharqawy to receive treatment for injuries he incurred during a beating by the police, his lawyer said Thursday. His life is in real danger, said lawyer Gamal Eid of his client, who has alleged that Egyptian police sodomized him with a foreign object following …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Rithmo opening

  ŠΘ # # # The crowds were entertained and danced all night to the tunes of the renowned DJ and singer Joe Ashkar, here, Ola, Doreen Tawakol, Sherin Sokar, Maha and Reem Abaza # # Ahmed Beltagy and Ahmed Houssam

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Nancy at Hilton Dreamland

  ŠΘ # # # Many of Egypt’s actors, actresses, businessmen and socialites attended the party and danced to Nancy’s music till the early hours of the morning, here, Ahmed Bahgat and partner # # Tamer Hagras and Anna Taraboulsy

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Bisc raises funds for Dahab victims

CAIRO: A teacher from The British International School Cairo (BISC) has coordinated a fund raising appeal for the families who lost relatives in the Dahab bombings, raising LE 40,000. Ms. Evan Zora, who teachers Business Studies at BISC, put students and staff on the auction block, taking the highest bids to buy a slave for …

Peter A. Carrigan

Activists continue to face difficulties

CAIRO: Youth for Change activist Mohamed El Sharkawy continues to face impediments in his fight for proper medical treatment at Mahkoum Tora prison. In a recent letter written by him, Sharkawy complains of medical negligence. The letter, dated June 12, tells of his mistreatment. According to Sharkawy, he was once again sent to state security …

Joseph Mayton

Fighting inner stereotypes

Global Summit for Women discusses career equality, stereotypes CAIRO: After a decades-long struggle for career equality, women have managed to increase their percentile in the workforce. Statistics show that more women enter the global workforce each year. They have even managed to push forward legal changes aimed at workplace equality. But while reassessment of goals, …

Sarah El Sirgany

Rivals Al Ahli, Zamalek meet in Egyptian Cup final

CAIRO: Unbeaten champions Al Ahli will meet perennial rivals Zamalek in Friday s Egyptian Cup final after both sides triumphed in their respective semi-final matches. Al Ahli s, who have not lost in a domestic competition for two seasons, beat Haras Al-Hodoud 1-0 on Tuesday thanks to international defender Mohamed Abdelwahab s 40th-minute free kick. …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Google launches Arabic news browser

CAIRO: Google Inc., the company that runs and owns the world’s largest search engine, announced yesterday the launch of Google News in Arabic. Google News in Arabic will enable users to view the latest news headlines and related photos, as well as search and browse 500 Arabic news sources in the Middle East. According to …

Najla Moussa

EgyptAir to privatize by raising capital-minister

CAIRO: The partial privatization of national carrier EgyptAir will take the form of a capital increase to raise money for new planes, Civil Aviation Minister Ahmed Shafiq said on Tuesday. Shafiq told reporters that one preparatory study for the privatization was almost complete but a second study by an international bank would also be needed. …

Daily Star Egypt Staff

Sale of Egypt Aluminum sale postponed indefinitely

CAIRO: The Egyptian government has indefinitely postponed the privatization of Egypt Aluminum, the investment minister was quoted as saying in remarks published on Tuesday. Mahmoud Mohieddin on Monday told a parliamentary committee of the postponement until an unspecified time, Al-Ahram newspaper reported. It did not explain the postponement, which was part of a government program …

Daily Star Egypt Staff