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Letter from China

On January 22nd I reported from Wuhan, the ‘epicentre’ of the virus outbreak. Already the vast majority of the people there were wearing face masks and starting to limit their exposure outside. At the time we really could not imagine how big this would get.

David Culver

Prescription for Investment

The EU Bank is already in contact with companies and organisations seeking to fund the search for COVID-19 vaccines and medication

Matt Rees

AI in 2020: from experimentation to adoption

Results from the Roadblocks to Scale survey indicate that while there is still work to be done, advances in data discovery and management, skills training, and AI explainability are driving the rate of AI adoption faster than many predicted.

Wael Abdoush

American play reveals secrets of Camp David talks

El Sadat fought the battle for peace lonely, taking the decision bravely regardless of any political developments. Several Arab newspapers and broadcast stations, both official and semi-official, described El Sadat as “traitor, capitulator, conniver with the enemy, and an agent of imperialism.

Marwa El- Shinawy

Trends Shaping the Consumer Experience in 2020

In 2019, the quest for enhancing consumer experience drove brands across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to fully dedicate themselves to their consumers, building and maintaining their trust. Businesses continued to place their customers at the heart of everything they do. Brands that invested in serving relevant and personalised communications, products, and …

Ramez Shehadi

The Investment Management Industry takes on AI and Big Data

In the words of many industry heavyweights, artificial intelligence (AI) is the “new electricity”.  Researchers have made tremendous strides in building the ultimate “seeing, hearing, and understanding” machine in recent years. But, while many are referring to AI as the new electricity, others are calling big data the “new oil.” Big data is often referred …

William Tohme

The ongoing pursuit

What Denzel stated sets some sort of challenge to the mainstream idea about how the world operates, how people succeed and how people become happy

Sherif Rizq

Wadaan Misr …

Egypt has been, and continues to be, a true land of hope and opportunities, and I was glad to be able to contribute a small part – as the EBRD Managing Director for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region  and Head of Egypt – to some of the many positive changes that have taken place in the country.

Janet Heckman

Breaking down barriers in an evolving digital payments ecosystem 

 In today’s world, a mobile device is like holding the world in the palm of your hand. It serves as a gateway to life-enriching experiences, such as capturing moments with family and connecting with friends. It also means we can find information, share opinions, buy items and pay bills easily. In short, this digital and …

Amnah Ajmal

Public-Private Partnerships: a method to attract  investors

The contractual nature of PPPs acts as a powerful incentive to ensure that this long-term perspective is put into practice: the public sector can no longer procure infrastructure assets while failing to maintain them properly. At the same time, the private sector has incentives, as their capital is exposed to performance risk, to design and build these assets taking into account the costs of longer-term maintenance and renewal.

Ahmed Alkalawy

Black Americans castigate Capitalism

Capitalism only feels safe when it is ruled by whoever owns capital, whereas democracy, on the contrary, is the rule of the majorities who have neither capital nor reasons to identify with the needs of capitalism

Marwa El- Shinawy

Bridging the skills gap in Africa

In Africa, unemployment remains a core issue, affecting even those with tertiary qualifications in some parts of the continent. Many of our educational institutions are keen to teach students the skills required to operate in the digital economy

Takreem El Tohamy

Swiss play solves Trump’s riddle

This was always the way with the most controversial president in the American history, who represents a political riddle for both Democrats and Republicans. Ironically, till the present moment, the Democrats have little understanding of how he won the elections of 2016

Marwa El- Shinawy