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Flotation of Egyptian pound caused pronounced dip for Hurghada: Colliers International

Colliers International, a commercial real estate organisation stated that—although occupancy levels are expected to stay healthy at Hurghada—the devaluation of the Egyptian pound against the dollar has caused a pronounced dip in market wide average daily rates. Colliers’ three-month Middle East and North Africa Hotel Forecast for March explained that, despite the strong leisure demand …

Hisham Salah

Egyptian second-home market: a growing investment and lifestyle trend

Unlike other popular second-home destinations, such as the Seychelles, Morocco, Malta, France, and Spain, Egypt’s second-home market is not dependent on international investors and appeals primarily to Egyptians, as only 2% are foreign investors, according to global commercial real estate leader Colliers International. Colliers released its latest white paper, focusing on the Egyptian second-home market. …

Hisham Salah