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Talk turns to election evaluation and reform

CAIRO: Preliminary results from Wednesday’s third-round run-off election for the People’s Assembly will bring the banned Muslim Brotherhood an additional 12 seats, according to estimates released by the group, earning them a total 88 places in the 454-member parliament. President Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party (NDP) walked away with a total 333 seats, or 73 …

Vivian Salama

Deaths and violence overshadow third round run-offs

BADAWAY, Egypt: Tear gas filled the air and the sound of gun shots echoed throughout a number of normally subdued Delta villages as the third round run-offs for the people’s assembly took place, concluding a month of parliamentary elections. Riot police formed human barricades outside polling stations and angry would-be voters, many of them Muslim …

Vivian Salama

Nation prepares for final day of voting

CAIRO: Voters in eight Egyptian governorates are set to head back to the polls one final time for run-offs in the third round of the People’s Assembly elections. Those candidates elected today will finalize the remaining 136 of the parliament’s 444 elected seats. The National Democratic Party has secured 222 seats and analysts say the …

Vivian Salama

Violence overshadows third round of voting

CAIRO: The third and final round of Egypt s parliamentary elections was overshadowed by mass arrests, violence and at least one death. Eyewitnesses in the governorates of Mansoura and Sharqiya reported human blockades in the early hours of voting. Scuffles broke out frequently in front of polling stations, with opposition supporters alleging the fights were …

Vivian Salama

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