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Aspiring chefs compete for your taste buds

The competitions emphasise fun and innovation but a more tangible reward is also at hand; each participant will receive a certificate of participation and, there will be gold, silver, or bronze medals issued to the team members.

Salma Hamed

Fifth panorama of the European film

The event takes place amid continuous efforts to strengthen Egyptian cultural ties with the outside world, especially in the post-revolution era, where much in the Egyptian cultural scene is changing, or more precisely, evolving.

Salma Hamed

New in the cinema

If this movie lures you with the flashy name of director Oliver Stone, the eye candy that is Salma Hayek and annoying-mouth-movements lady aka Blake Lively, or if you maybe you have a thing for veteran bad guys like John Travolta and Benicio Del Toro, you are in for a disappointment.

Salma Hamed

Meetphool: Where art meets art

The platform serves as a link between artists and facilitates for them to connect and have access to new and innovative ideas and to showcase their projects easily.

Salma Hamed

New Arrivals

As summer comes to an end it is time to pack away the entertaining beach-reads and browse through the new arrivals in Cairo’s bookstores. Brand new novels by Arab authors and new translations of treasured tales are vying for shelf space and the attention of the avid reader. Here is our pick for the coming month.

Salma Hamed

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