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Islam Khalil rearrested after detention period of 466 days

Political activist and former detainee Islam Khalil was arrested again on Friday, as he is accused in a case dating back to 2014, according to his lawyer Halim Hanish. Khalil was previously detained and spent more than 466 days in detention. Hanish said that Khalil was arrested on Friday on his way to Talaat Harb …

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Top Brotherhood leaders granted retrial, Morsi’s 20-year sentence upheld

The Appeals Court granted on Saturday the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, along with 13 other high- and low-ranking leaders, a retrial in what is known as the “Istiqamah Mosque” case. The court ordered that the cases be looked at by another bench, citing flaws in the investigations. In June 2013, controversial Judge Nagy …

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