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The Sahel Awards

Our final award is won by the same competitor year after year, no matter how much trends change and no, it is still not okay to wear Crocs.

Ahmed Khalifa

Treasure in plain sight

It is one of millions and that is why we occasionally take for granted, that a beautiful and tranquil ride on the Nile is always just within reach of our fingertips.

Ahmed Khalifa

Connected in Cairo

The book is not just a boring academic read either, even casual readers will benefit from its flowing style replete with short anecdotes that inject liveliness and background into the sometimes sweeping generalisations Peterson makes.

Ahmed Khalifa

Emotional strings in Cairo Opera House

The playing had not only turned upbeat but almost comical, with Guillen himself smiling widely and tapping his feet to the rhythm. His fingers flew deftly up and down the neck of the guitar, every so often lingering a moment to deliver a particularly powerful note.

Ahmed Khalifa

Public debt overshadows economic future

It is no secret that the job president-elect Mohamed Morsi has undertaken, reforming Egypt’s long stagnant economy into a working one, will be fraught with hardship.

Hurdles are ever-present, such as a tense relationship with the all-but-ruling military council and countless social problems.

Ahmed Khalifa

Saudi women to compete in Olympics

Saudi Arabia, the last of three countries to deny women the ability to participate in the Olympic Games, has finally relented. After pressure from the International Olympic Committee to allow women to compete, the Saudi Embassy in London announced its decision, saying “it wished to reaffirm its support for the sublime meanings reflected by Olympic …

Ahmed Khalifa

Turkey’s war against the PKK rages on

The Turkish government carried out several aerial strikes deep in northern Iraq between June 22 and 24, in retaliation for several Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) attacks days before, the government conceded recently. In a statement released by the Turkish government on Sunday, officials noted most of the targets were in the Qandil region, and that …

Ahmed Khalifa

Hamas agrees to second ceasefire with Israel

Palestinian group Hamas has agreed to a new cease-fire with Israel. The announcement comes after a cease-fire brokered Wednesday was violated by both sides, resulting in the deaths of many Palestinians, including a little boy, and the wounding of one Israeli worker. The previous cease-fire had been almost immediately compromised by the Israelis and the …

Ahmed Khalifa

Islamist militants grow bolder in Nigeria

Members of Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamic militant group that recently had three of its leaders named ‘foreign terrorists’ by the US, attacked a prison in Yobe state, leaving four guards dead and freeing 40 inmates. Yobe state police commissioner Patrick Egbuniwe said two of the attackers were killed in the shootout, but their bodies were …

Ahmed Khalifa

Glam rock lives…for a week or so

They’ve taken a successful musical, removed all semblance of plot, introduced hunky actors instead of veteran musicians, and still, somehow, impossibly, it’s better than watchable. It’s actually good

Ahmed Khalifa

Jazz heats up summer

Harfoush founded The Jazz Society along with Amr Falah, Director of the Cairo Jazz Festival, back in March 2009. The duo began piquing interest in jazz music with basic workshops, lectures and screenings.

Ahmed Khalifa

Media stokes election anxieties

Tensions have been steadily mounting in Egypt, providing an atmosphere akin to a tinderbox of opinions and accusations, but just who is holding the match, and what might spark it, is impossible to pinpoint with so many hot button issues, and polarising figures, consuming the minds of the Egyptian public. It could most easily be …

Ahmed Khalifa

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party speaks to the press

FJP refutes Al-Dostour claims

The Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party will pursue legal action against Al-Dostour Newspaper, charging the daily with slander, libel and defamation for an article alleging the FJP was planning to assassinate nearly 200 public officials.

Ahmed Khalifa

Tens of thousands of Egyptians gather in Cairo's Tahrir square. File photo from November 2011 (AFP)

Part-time revolution

Egyptians have managed to bring down a deeply-ingrained autocratic regime and set up what is proving to be a relatively close democratic presidential election, all in the hours people normally watch television before going to bed. Workers by day, fighters of injustice by night; the protesters are truly the collective Batman of the revolutionary world.

Ahmed Khalifa

The Book of Saladin: A Novel by Tariq Ali

The Book of Saladin

The novel is not action-packed in the conventional sense of the word, nor does graphic detail seem to be Ali’s style. Rather, its beauty lies in the simple philosophy that characterizes Saladin and the narrator’s meetings, the voice of dissent and skepticism that is one of Saladin’s wives and all the other tiny details that slot together into a rich mosaic of this often-misunderstood era.

Ahmed Khalifa

Clash along Iraq-Turkey border

Turkish military and Kurdish militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) clashed near the border of Iraq leaving eight Turkish soldiers dead and at least 16 others wounded,Turkish officials said. The incident is the bloodiest clash over the contentious Kurdish region in recent months. It was reported by Reuters that the attacks were launched in …

Ahmed Khalifa

Ahmed Safi el-Din and Marwan Imam - Photo by Hassam Ibrahim

Alcohol? Meth? No, High On Body Fat

With hilarious, well-crafted songs that expertly incorporate everything from politics to moustaches and aubergines, one would think the dynamic duo spent hours meticulously writing and rewriting every word to ensure the lyrics were perfect. Not so. True to their name, the band simply gets high on body fat and writes.

Ahmed Khalifa