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Opinion | A Nation United, By the People for The People

For years we never truly felt that we have any say in the governance of our nation, Mubarak’s regime installed few men in power, they were untouchable and were given the power to control our fates. On the 25th of January 2011, a spark was ignited. Young ladies and gentlemen went to the streets demanding …

Mohamed El-Seidy

2 cloth masks to be provided on each ration card

The minister added that supplying the face masks will be phased in according to the rate of supply from factories to stores. He noted that a total of 250,000 masks will be distributed on the first day, which will gradually increase to 19m by the end of July.

Daily News Egypt

BP sells petrochemical business to Ineos for $5bn

BP’s petrochemical business is focused on two major operations, aromatics and acetyls. The company has invested in leading technology and preference manufacturing plants for both operations, including a strong presence in Asian growth markets.

Mohamed Farag