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Sa Studio Champions Happiness Through Design and Quality

The homegrown Boho chic brand resonates with simple uniqueness. While seeming simple in design, their clothes stand out amidst uniformed high street clothes. From linen capes to maxi shirt dresses, the Founder Sarah Fouad is keen on giving her clients something memorable to say the least.

Daily News Egypt

Laila Wahba finds femininity between vintage & modern

An evident shift from her regular aesthetic, this collection is a quest to find femininity in today’s modern world. According to Wahba, her biggest challenge was to maintain a soft feel amidst sharp suits and mainstream everyday sneakers; to offer women timeless sophistication.

Daily News Egypt

The Bernina GT: A breathtaking experience

The recent editions of the BerninaGT is a course of 5.7km on very good Swiss asphalt/tarmac road, beginning at La Rosa and ending at Ospizio Bernina. Elevation at the start line is 1880 meters, and cars have to tackle 52 curves and bends before reaching the finish line at 2328 m above sea level

Mahmoud Ezzeldin

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