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Blogging-controlled fashion industry in 2015

People want to see what is new in the world of fashion, including new emerging designers and new must-have items, says blogger

Nour Aboulela is a local fashion blogger who managed to take her endless number of fans behind the scenes to give them a true dose of fun-fuelled glam. She is one of Egypt’s first generation of bloggers that realised the importance of social media early on.

Her blog, “Love By N”, managed to become an official portal into the international fashion scene in a relative blink of an eye. Today, over 242,000 Instagram followers accompany her to fashion weeks and high-end events that only very few get to access.

Daily News Egypt spoke with the blogger to understand more about blogging and the fundamental aspects of 2015’s most-discussed topics.

“I was absolutely proud when I got featured on Fendi's Instagram,” said blogger (Photo Handout)
“I was absolutely proud when I got featured on Fendi’s Instagram,” said blogger
(Photo Handout)

How do perceive blogging nowadays?

It is a full time job.

What brands or shops do you work with on a regular basis?

My portfolio includes so many brands, local and international. Debenhams, Victoria’s Secret, Bershka, just to name a few of my latest projects that took place in the past two months. I also work with international shopping websites such as Shopbop, Luisa Via Roma, and others.

How would you describe the experience of being one of the first Egyptian bloggers to regularly visit international Fashion Weeks?

They are simply the most fun weeks of every season. I wish I can go to each and every one, but I have two children now, so I have to bail on some events and stay home.

What is the proudest moment of your blogging career?

I was absolutely proud when I got featured on Fendi’s Instagram, and I am proud that important people, such as Stefano Gabbana, follow me.

You managed to create a certain standing for yourself; how can a blogger create a solid personal brand?

It needs consistency and a lot of rich non-repetitive content. People want to see what is new in the world of fashion, including new emerging designers and new must-have items.

What is the unique factor that bloggers add to the fashion industry?

Personal style inspirations. Every blogger has their own personal style and the fans simply follow who they can relate to most.

What are the biggest problems or obstacles currently for blogging in Egypt?

I regularly face many obstacles. I got several offers from high-end brands who thought that I live in Dubai. But when they realised that I was based in Egypt, they instantly changed their mind.

The market in Egypt is not for everyone and many designers are still not interested in the local market. Unlike other countries, where all brands have flagship stores, Egypt still lacks a lot of major names. Another constant obstacle is the customs. The process of receiving international brand items for collaborations is both endless and highly expensive. Egypt has a long way to go.

In your opinion, what is the reason behind the public’s increasing criticism and hate-speech against bloggers?

I have never heard of that; hate? To be honest, I have not faced any hatred from my fans or anyone so far.

Blogging was the most talked-about profession in 2015; can this be true for 2016 as well?

I think it keeps followers entertained. So maybe it will still be talked about, yes.

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