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Going natural: Honey shampoo

Honey shampoo provides an alternative for those who wish to use as little chemicals on their bodies as possible

The use of raw honey is advised when making your own hair treatment (Photo by Merdal)
The use of raw honey is advised when making your own hair treatment
(Photo by Merdal)

In an attempt to lead a chemical-free life, recently many people are seeking alternatives to everyday items that they fear might prove to be harmful in the long term. One of these products is shampoo, which they believe can cause a dry or itchy scalp and it is often blamed for the production of dandruff. The most used method for cleaning hair without shampoo is based on a combination of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. However, many complain that the acidity of the vinegar dries out their hair and they end up with straw-like strands. Recently a new trend has emerged: using honey to clean and rinse hair.

In most recipes one part honey is mixed with three parts water. If the honey is too thick or sticky you can warm up the water before dissolving the honey in it. The honey should be completely dissolved in the water without any clumps or residue. It is also advisable to use raw honey instead of regular honey since it is overly processed and sometimes sugar or corn syrup has been added to it. A few drops of natural oil can be added to provide extra moisture such as lavender oil or jojoba oil. It is also advised to use a shower filter for the water to get rid of most of the chlorine in it, making it less damaging to hair and skin.

Overly dry hair should only be washed two to three times a week according to most hairdressers, but oily hair may need more regular washing. Many warn that the transition between regular shampoo and natural rinsing may not be very comfortable or pleasant. In most cases the hair becomes really oily and the scalp becomes itchy until the natural PH balance is restored and the scalp starts producing its natural oils that are usually stripped away by normal, chemical shampoos. It is also advised to alternate between the honey rinse and the apple cider rinse to prevent hair from becoming too oily.

The advocates for the honey shampoo credit it for providing hair with moisture and softening it as well as ridding them of dandruff and reducing frizz. That being said, the concept is not for everyone and the beneficial effects differ from one person to another. With the transition period from chemical to natural being difficult and the challenge to find a good balance between the sweet honey rinse and the acidic vinegar wash, it takes determination and belief to forget about all the frothy shampoos out there and go sweet on your hair.

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