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Empowering artists via AlQomrah

New project aims to provide guidance to young artists and preserve heritage

AlQomrah’s programs are designed for amateurs and experienced artists alike (Photo from AlQomrah)
AlQomrah’s programs are designed for amateurs and experienced artists alike
(Photo from AlQomrah)

The current artistic scene in Cairo means that there are many budding artists trying to make it in a very competitive arena. They are in need of any help and guidance they can get. That is where founders Rehab Eldalil and Giacomo Crescenzi come in with their new project AlQomrah. Eldalil’s personal experience as an established photographer means that she knows best about breaking into the field.

“AlQomrah is a platform where talented artists can come to learn, work, exhibit and join a variety of cultural projects,” Eldalil said. “Motivated and talented artists in need of guidance join our free mentoring programme while the photography school is one of the most comprehensive educational hubs in the field in Egypt.”

AlQomrah also offers programmes for artistic veterans.

“More developed artists can join individual creative projects sponsored by AlQomrah and receive extensive support to work on national and international exhibition projects,” Eldalil said. “Dina Hafez, a young Egyptian painter, digital artist and fashion designer is our first sponsored artist. Experienced artists are also working through our creative agency, mostly photographers, videographers and designers. ”

The project has already won the Mobaderoon 2013 award. a programme that invests in new projects presented by young Egyptians. Mobaderoon provides financial support to young entrepreneurs looking to make it in the Egyptian market.

“This is the first Pioneers of Egypt Award Program done by V-Worx in collaboration with The Synergos Institute and Etijah,” Eldalil said. “The programme’s goal is to expand employment and self-employment opportunities, particularly for youth, and to support the new generation of civic and business leaders playing a key role in building the future of Egypt.”

The project also aims to preserve Egyptian heritage through empowering artists.

“On one side we are working from the bottom up by scouting and collaborating with talented artists to give them a chance to express their talent, document their country of origin and put Egypt back on the map for contemporary art in the Middle East and the World,” Eldalil said.

They are also working on projects to encourage the young artists “to explore Egypt’s unmatched naturalistic and cultural richness, bring art back to the communities and involve the general public in the cultural debate,” Eldalil said. “In addition, by working with a broad variety of partners AlQomrah hopes to strengthen cultural networks and direct available resources where needed.”

AlQomrah is preparing for the coming cycle of projects and workshops for the 2014-2015 academic year.

“In spring 2014, AlQomrah will launch its first large scale project, ’Wonders of Egypt’,” Eldalil said. “In addition, several free inspirational talks, exhibitions and cultural collaborations with other organisations are in the pipe line.”

Eldalil’s enthusiastic approach to photography carries over to AlQomrah.

“The fundamental message that we would like to send out from AlQomrah is that if you want to make art a life choice we can help you pursue this dream in all possible ways,” Eldalil said. “There is a lot of talent in Egypt, let’s make it count.”

More information can be found on the organisation’s Facebook page, AlQomrah.

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