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The BootCamp: basic to brutal in one place

The idea behind the BootCamp is to promote the lifestyle and not just the sport

The BootCamp is enthusiastic about being healthy Courtesy of The BootCamp Facebook page
The BootCamp is enthusiastic about being healthy
Courtesy of The BootCamp Facebook page

Though there is an abundance of health information on the internet, The BootCamp is one of the few sources that will provide you with localised information tailored to you and your specific needs in Egypt.

“The BootCamp started off as a wellness company. The idea is to promote the lifestyle and not just the sport. We did not want to tell people how to exercise without giving them the whole package,” said founder Nabil Rostom.

Rostom founded the company after a radical change in his fitness philosophy. “I was always a trainer and I worked with athletes who had very specific goals. I realised that we needed to tailor everything to individual needs,” he said.

One of the primary services The BootCamp provides is called FUNC. Geared toward people with specific needs like athletes or people with injuries, the service is concerned with conditioning and improving performance towards specific goals and does away with the one-size-fits-all mentality.

“Our goal is to improve wellness, health and fitness. We do this through a 360-degree approach,” said Ramy Kandil, social media manager at The BootCamp.

Kandil is also responsible for many of the exercise articles on the website, written in a clear, accessible, no-nonsense style. “We utilise different places for our sessions like the Gezira sporting club and Gardenia in 6th of October. We are opening new places as we expand,” he said.

Another unusual feature of The BootCamp’s website is localised information that the site provides through a service called Project Watchdog.

The BootCamp describes the service as “doing the dirty work” so its customers do not have to. They review restaurants, gyms, and spas and break down the information to tell users how well the facilities compliment a healthy lifestyle.

“After the reviews, we will start doing a recommendations phase. We will recommend certain products like shoes or certain food items or classes at a gym, so that people go in knowing what is approved and what is not, helping them to make informed decisions,” Rostom said.

The website also has an online store selling everything from supplements to t-shirts. An ‘ask’ section has forums where a community of like-minded people can exchange information and support.

Though its foundation may be exercise, the core of The BootCamp’s philosophy is built around a comprehensive approach focusing on providing a lifestyle rather than a few exercise routines.

As it continues to grow, so will the quality of services and their already-impressive range. One item you will not find anywhere else is listed on their store: a private trekking trip with Omar Samra in Nepal. Consider us intrigued.

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