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No accurate numbers for dead and injured from latest wave of violence

Eight people confirmed missing; number of dead and injured can only be approximated

ANHRI believes that 47 died in Port Said. AFP PHOTO / STRINGER
ANHRI believes that 47 died in Port Said. AFP PHOTO / STRINGER

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) has said it can only approximate figures for the number of people who have died or been injured in the latest wave of clashes around Egypt.

Clashes between demonstrators and police have been ongoing since the second anniversary of the 2011 Revolution. A representative from ANHRI said on Monday that as far as he understands there have been between 60 and 70 deaths and hundreds injured since the start of the violence. The centre believes that 47 died in Port Said.

The representative explained that the figures are only estimations and that it is hard to get an exact number.

Another problem that has arisen is the number of people who have gone missing since the violence began. Nermine Yousry, co-founder of Hanlaqihom (we will find them), reported on Monday that eight people are currently missing, having disappeared since the anniversary, according to available information.

Yoursy said that one theory explaining why these people are missing is they have been tortured by police and are being held until they recover from their injuries in order to avoid accountability. She added that it is possible that they are being held at Central Security Forces camps Gabal Al Ahmar and Salam.

The names of the missing people are Said Mustafa Ibrahim, Mustafa Mahmoud Abul Aal, Al Sayed Araby Sayed, Ahmed Said Hussein, Mohamed Diaa El Din, Mohamed Shafi Mahmoud, Mohamed Mustafa Rafay and Ibrahim Essam Ibrahim. With the exception of Sayed and Hussein, who are 19 years old, all of the missing men are in their twenties.

Yousry said that the centre has limited resources and funding and cannot get to every case of missing people.

“I believe that more people are missing,” she said.

The Ministry of Interior released figures on its official Facebook page on Monday detailing the injuries sustained by security forces between 25 January and 3 February. The ministry reported a total of 396 injured, 105 of which suffered gunshot wounds while 6 suffered eye injuries.

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