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Prosecutors maintain pressure

Members of the general prosecution are holding a meeting on Wednesday to discuss Tala'at Abdallah, the general prosecutor

Protesters wave their membership cards in the air during a protest demanding the resignation of the prosecutor general. (DNE/ Mohamed Omar)
Protesters wave their membership cards in the air during a protest demanding the resignation of the prosecutor general. (DNE/ Mohamed Omar)

Prosecutors continue to try and pressure Tala’at Abdallah into stepping down from his position as prosecutor general.

In a statement released Monday morning by the General Prosecution, the prosecutors committed to resuming work as soon as Abdallah gives up his position. The prosecutors’ statement said that the resumption of regular work by prosecutors and judges depends on Abdallah’s resignation.

They added that the longer Abdallah remains in power, the more determined they will become. “If the demands of the prosecution are not implemented, the members of prosecution keep for themselves all available options… on all levels,” the statement read.

Abdallah was appointed as prosecutor general on 22 November, 2012. The decision came after a constitutional declaration announced by the President Mohamed Morsy. The 21 November declaration saw the dismissal of previous Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud.

The prosecution described Mahmoud’s dismissal as “banned in all constitutions and laws, which protect any judge from isolation.” They believe that Abdallah was appointed in a way that goes against constitutional and legal legitimacy and are demanding his removal in the name of defending the independence of the judiciary.

According to state-run Al-Ahram, the prosecutors will hold an emergency meeting in the Judges’ Club on Wednesday to discuss the prolonged impasse.

Many judges and prosecutors chose to boycott the referendum on the constitution, held over two phases, on 15 and 22 December, in response to the declaration. The Judges’ Club members, headed by Ahmed El-Zend, mostly boycotted the referendum.

Abdallah did in fact hand in his resignation two weeks ago. Three days later, he rescinded his resignation and the Judges’ Club announced its disapproval on the same day that prosecutors marched to Abdallah’s office demanding his removal. Last week lawyers and judges had also gathered outside Abdallah’s office to show support for him.

In an attempt to calm the crisis, the Ministry of Justice called on the media, judges and the general public, last week, to be careful about preserving the reputation of the judiciary.

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