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A Year in Review: The Surprise Quiz

Daily News Egypt tests your political and social awareness in 2012. Don't worry, we also provide the answers to the pop quiz

1. What is the number of Copts in Egypt?

Tough one! Estimates are between five to 10 per cent of the Egyptian population, but no one really knows.
2. In which state did Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s mother live in the US?

3. What is the biggest rumour of 2012?

The plan to divide Egypt. The evidence was “maps” found in NGOs raided by the military in February. The maps were in fact used for parliamentary elections constituencies.
4. When did President Morsy announce the decree to pardon Egyptian protesters detained during the Revolution?

On 8 October.
5. What happened to political prisoners after the revolution?

Though President Morsy granted amnesty to all political prisoners (estimated to be more than 11, 000) in October, 379 prisoners were released in November. The status of the rest remains unknown.
6. What is the project the Freedom and Justice Party prepared in cooperation with 1,000 experts for presidential elections?

It’s El-Nahda, the renaissance project. The only problem is that it does not exist!
7. On what unlikely date did Tawfik Okasha predict a free masons’ celebration at the pyramids?

8. How many of the Muslim Brotherhood members are out there?

Another tough one, the Brotherhood claim they are three million, but no documents are publically available to validate that number.
9. How many women were in the dissolved parliament and the Constituent Assembly?

11 women were in parliament and six sat in the Constituent Assembly. In Egypt, women make up 48 per cent of the population.
10. How many state security guards are used to protect President Morsy in his processions?

Despite being the man who in his inaugural speech at Tahrir Square opened his jacket to prove he is not wearing a bullet proof vest, President Morsy relies on more than two thousand state security guards to keep him safe.

11. Who is the most famous twitter user (tweep) in Egypt?

Mohamed ElBaradei.
12. How many speeches has President Morsy given since he was announced president?

He has given more than 12 speeches (excluding speeches he gave abroad).
13. Who usually opposes the supporting and opposing parties?

Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, former presidential candidate and former member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
14. On what day did the Manfalut railway accident occur?

On 17 November.
15. What is the latest estimated number of people with disabilities in Egypt?

Around 12 million.
16. What was the percentage of abstentions in the second round of Egypt’s 2012 presidential elections, between Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsy?

48.15 per cent of total registered voters.
17. Who established the National Council on Disability Affairs?

Former Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzoury.
18. In October, President Mohamed Morsy issued a decree of transferring the former Prosecutor General, Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, to another position as Egypt’s Vatican envoy. What was Mahmoud’s response?

Abdel Meguid Mahmoud refused to step down. He said that the president does not have the authority to do so, as presidential powers are not over the judiciary. However, President Morsy announced a declaration on 22 November, through which Mahmoud was replaced by Tala’at Abdallah as the new prosecutor general. On 17 December, prosecutors protested that his assignment was against the law, so the new prosecutor general filed his resignation on the same day.
19. Did the Judges’ Club of Egypt boycott supervising the constitutional referendum?

20. What are the penalties faced by unlicensed street vendors?

The law recently passed by the president, states that vendors can be sentenced up to six months imprisonment, fined up to EGP 5,000 and have their goods confiscated.
21. How many presidential advisers resigned on 6 December?

Five presidential advisers, after the clashes in front of the presidential palace.
22. While running for president, Ahmed Shafiq was an independent candidate but later in December his political party was launched. What is the name of Ahmed Shafiq’s party?

National Egyptian Movement.
23. Why did Mohamed Fouad Gad Allah, President Mohamed Morsy’s legal adviser, withdraw from the Constituent Assembly session held on Wednesday 28 December?

He was unsatisfied with the drafting process, mainly objecting over articles 182, 183, 184, 198, 199 and 200.
24. Who did Samir Morcos join, after resigning from his position as a presidential adviser?

National Salvation Front.
25. The National Salvation Front is the largest opposition group in Egypt. Mention at least 18 parties within the alliance?

Mainly liberal, secular and leftists. Al-Dostour Party, Nasserist Party, Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Freedom Egypt Party, New Wafd Party, Free Egyptians Party, Free Egypt Party, Farmers’ General Syndicate, Egyptian Popular Current, Socialist Popular Alliance Party, National Association for Change, National Progressive Unionist Party, Democratic Front Party, Conference Party, Dignity Party, Reform and Development Misruna Party, Socialist Party of Egypt and the Revolutionary Socialists.

26. The date 5 December was marked by clashes that erupted between opposing and supporting groups in front of the presidential palace. What was the total number of injuries and deaths documented on the next day as a result of these clashes?

Seven deaths and more than 650 were injured.
27. Which Egyptian Law school opposed President Morsy’s declaration that was announced on 22 November?

The Faculty of Law at Cairo University.

28. What did Eman Abu Bakr Kilany, teacher at the Hadadeen primary school, do to receive a six month suspended prison sentence?

She cut the hair of two of her students for not being veiled.

29. When was the Daily News Egypt re-launched?

19 June 2012 and the web edition on 22 June 2012.

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