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Change of plans in Islamists’ rally

Saturday’s million-man march to take place in the premises of Cairo University instead of Tahrir Square

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. AFP/File Photo

Islamist groups changed the destination of their million-man march, scheduled for Saturday, from Tahrir Square to the premises of Cairo University.

The change was announced on Thursday night after several political leaders and speakers warned of a “civil war” should a march supporting President Mohamed Morsy’s decision face-off with the current Tahrir sit-in opposing the latest constitutional decree.

“The decision was made to avoid any friction,” Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) spokesperson Ahmed Sobei’ said.

Sobei’ confirmed that the rallying powers would have maintained the peaceful nature of their protest should they have marched to Tahrir square. He added that the decision to change the destination was taken due to present “congestion” among the powers opposing Morsy’s decisions.

The finalization of the constitution, which is being voted on by the constituent assembly today, is another reason which led the Islamist powers to steer clear of Tahrir square. Sobei’ stated that having the constituent assembly finish drafting the constitution is a “big achievement”.

“I do not say that because I’m an FJP member,” he said, “but I am truly proud of this constitution and I say hats off to those who contributed in drafting it for they have exerted tremendous effort in doing so.”

The majority of civilian representatives as well as the Coptic Church in the constituent assembly have withdrawn from it over the last two weeks.

The Islamist groups stressed, in a statement, that Tahrir square belongs to everybody and that no single political group has monopoly over it, reported state-owned Al-Ahram. They also confirmed on their ability to rally millions to Tahrir square supporting “the elected president, the legitimacy and the nation’s identity”.

The Islamist parties taking part in the protest also include; the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Nour Salafi Party, Al-Asala Salafi Party, the Salafi Front, The Building and Development Party (Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya’s political wing) and Al-Wasat party.

Islamist groups announced Wednesday night their intention to march to Tahrir Square Saturday morning in a show of support for President Mohamed Morsy’s constitutional declaration.

Several political powers have been sitting-in Tahrir Square since Friday, demanding the revocation of the constitutional declaration.



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