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Al-Nadeem slams Morsy’s first 100 days

Report of 247 violations, including torture, rape and murder of citizens.

During Morsy's 100 days in office 88 cases of torture took place in prisons and citizens' houses, according to Al-Nadeem. (AFP)
During Morsy’s 100 days in office 88 cases of torture took place in prisons and citizens’ houses, according to Al-Nadeem. (AFP)

Al-Nadeem Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture has issued a report on human rights violations of President Mohamed Morsy’s first 100 days in power.

The report mentioned several violations such as kidnapping, random detention, clearing sit-ins by force, breaking into private property, torture, rape, and murder which formed a total of 247 violations. It included the death of 34 citizens by police forces, torture of 88 people and the rape of seven citizens.

According to the report, the 34 deaths by police forces occurred mostly in police stations, prisons, and the streets. The reasons for death were mostly gun shots and torture.

Twelve incidents of police shooting citizens were reported.

The report mentioned the death of “Razza Shaa’t,” a woman who lost her life under the wheels of a police car. Her son and daughter were also tortured. Another citizen was also shot in the head by a police officer on the same day, Morsy’s fifth day in power.

The 88 torture cases took place in prisons and citizens’ houses. Most of the victims of rape were men and minors. One woman was raped inside a police station, according to Al-Nadeem.

The report mentioned that at least eight activists were kidnapped, taken to unknown places, and investigated by anonymous persons. The report said they were beaten, threatened and tortured.

Eighty-five incidents of random detention were also reported. Random detentions included detaining workers, students and striking teachers. A total number of 10 sit-ins were broken by force, resulting in some incidents of random detention and torture.

Al-Nadeem said that 10 incidents of breaking into private property occurred during the 100 days, mentioning the example of Ramlet Boulaq, which was stormed by police several times.

Suzan Fayad, director of Al-Nadeem centre, asserted the violations included in the report have been documented, either by victims who sought the assistance of Al-Nadeem or other NGOs such as the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, or victims who filed lawsuits.

The report mentioned that Morsy should be blamed for providing safe exit to the military generals who ruled Egypt and were responsible for the deaths of protesters.

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